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Pandemic Life in Crystal City Underground - Part 9

You really have to be careful when you use the word "all". In most circumstances, all simply doesn't apply. But here are 2 uses of the word that I think are verified. All communities have some special features about them and all communities in the United States are currently being affected by COVID-19 and the measures being taken to try to control the pandemic it is causing.

Well, my community is Crystal City, a Virginia extension of Washington, DC that is located just 3 Metro stops from the nation's capital. And one of its unique features is that there is an 11-block underground city that runs from 12th to 23rd streets.

I'll be conducting conducting a series of video tours to show how the pandemic is changing our underground.


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What Will You Find Here?

Welcome to Every Storm Runs Out of Rain - A People's Journal of a Pandemic. 

My name is Dave Price and I'm the creator, curator, and chief contributor to this journal.
So what should you expect to discover here?
Basically, as the subtitle implies, you will find stories of people struggling to survive physically, economically, mentally, and spiritually in these most trying times of the 68 years I have been on the planet.
We are all learning to live in this brave new world under the threat of a too-tiny-to-see virus that has taught us well the power of nature and the meaning of previously unfamiliar terms such as social distancing, flattening the curve, and sheltering in place.
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